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Imagine you come across a cockroach sitting in your newborn baby’s milk bottle or roaming upon her toys, terrific right? Yes, no matter how much we neglect the fact that pests are one of the most corning creatures around us. The truth is cockroaches are the common house pest that can alone spread a lot of health to any human being. Cockroach treatment specialist Brisbane mostly suggests to people who have little children around to keep their home at least safe from cockroach infestation as cockroaches are one kind reason of asthma development at a tender age.

Why you should keep you, baby, away from the atmosphere of a cockroach infestation?

  • Babies are tender and very much sensitive even if they come across the touch of a cockroach they can develop severe skin infections or rashes and such a condition for an infant can be painful.
  • Cockroaches are said to bring in a lot of bacteria, this way they can harm the baby by lapping over its feeding bottle or toys as babies tend to put everything around them inside their mouth.
  • Contaminating of food, cockroaches are fond of staying near food, and the number of germs and bacteria they carry it is obvious that they contaminate the food. Babies are very much sensitive eating contaminated food can actually cause havoc to an infant.
  • These are a few to mention reasons, why one should avoid cockroach infestation in a home with babies as the health of your child, is very much precious.

How to avoid cockroaches from put in a shelter?

Why is Eco guard the best option when you are searching for pest control service?

Ecogaurd works with mostly all the pests be it spiders or rodents, plus their service is really fast and serves best outcome. Another reason to rely of Ecoguard is they work with an only expert and experienced workers so that you don’t have to compromise on results. Other reasons why most of the customers recommend Ecoguard:

  • The best thing about Ecoguard is that they work 7 days a week and 24hours which makes them
  • available for you as per your comfortable time.
  • Just like the name Ecoguard it uses 100% eco-friendly products and procedures.
  • Work for almost all the areas is it commercial, residential or for cafes and restaurants.
  • They know how important and how expensive can pest control be at times, thus they provide the best service at affordable pricing.
  • Their service is pets and kids-friendly.
  • They offer great deals and easy cancelation
  • 12months of service policy
  • They offer great deals and easy cancelation
  • 12months of service policy

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