What Is the Best and Proved Ways to Get Rid of Cockroaches?

Eliminating cockroaches is not an easy task, and that is why most people search for cockroach pest control near me and get rid of them.

These insects have a great capacity to adapt to different situations and places and survive, which is the biggest problem with this pest. Furthermore, when they enter a home, they do not do it alone, but rather in colonies. Let us find some of the best ways to get rid of Cockroaches.

Use Sugar and Baking Soda:

A mix of powdered sugar and baking soda: It is a not toxic mixture for humans, but it is lethal for cockroaches. Do you know why? Well, cockroaches are attracted to sweet smells, so they will come out of their hiding place and ingest the sugar with the baking soda, which is what will eliminate it.

Use a container to prepare the mixture. This should contain equal parts of baking soda and powdered sugar. Mix it up, and this will be your bait.

Place containers such as bowls where cockroaches usually appear (closets, under the fridge, etc.). You can also create this mix without water. Pour it on the ground in specific areas or place it in containers.

Use Borax to Eliminate Cockroaches:

Another home remedy to kill cockroaches is a mixture of Borax and powdered sugar. Borax is a compound derived from boron and is very effective as a poison to kill cockroaches. As with the previous mixture, the sugar will attract them, and with their intake, they will dehydrate and end up dying.

Sprayers to Eliminate Cockroaches:

Sprays are useful when we do not have a roach colony living at home. They can be very useful if you see one running around, but not for many. This type of poison can be harmful to your nervous system.

It is advisable to apply it to cockroach entry areas to prevent them from entering your home’s interior.

Main Traps to Eliminate Cockroaches:

They must be placed in their hiding places. A perfect and effective trap would be the placement of boxes or containers with aromatic plants or one of the home remedies mentioned above, such as baking soda and powdered sugar. The sugar will lure them into the trap.

There are many ways, but it takes a lot of time to eliminate. If you are looking for a quick solution, do not hesitate to search pest control cockroaches near me and see the professionals.