Keep Cockroaches Out of Your Apartment with These 5 Tips:

Cockroaches are a nasty pest that can pose a lot of trouble when getting rid of them. From Cockroaches Control Brisbane (, we give you the best tips to eliminate cockroaches at the apartment permanently.

Apart from being very repulsive, Cockroaches are insects that transmit diseases and can contaminate the food in the house without realizing it. Worst of all, cockroaches hide in many places and usually appear at night when they do not feel a presence in the home.

How To Keep Cockroaches Out Of The Apartment?

1. Placing Chopped Bay Leaves:

It is a simple remedy to eliminate roaches from home. It involves keeping chopped bay leaves in the places where you think the roaches are hiding. Cockroaches cannot bear the smell of bay leaves and will move away immediately. Even so, this is not a remedy that kills the cockroach; it drives it away.

2. Boric acid and Onion:

It is a remedy that has become very popular due to its high popularity and low cost. This remedy consists of making a paste using half a minced onion, 1/2 cup ordinary flour, a little water or water, a little sugar, and 3 to 4 tablespoons of boric powder.

Then you must put the ingredients in a small bowl and mix until a dough forms. You can use bottle caps to pour this mixture and then distribute it around the places in the house where you think there are roaches. Be careful; keep this dough away from pets and children as it is toxic.

3. Baking Soda and Sugar:

To carry out this remedy, you must mix baking soda and a sugar cup. Then you spray the house with the mixture, especially the areas mentioned above. Roaches are attracted to sugar and will eat this mixture. Then the baking soda gives it gas and causes problems inside.

4. Borax:

It is a natural product often used to make laundry soap to eliminate cockroaches in the apartment. You should spread borax around the house, especially in suspicious areas. When roaches touch the borax, they become dehydrated and die.

5. Catmint:

It is a remedy that has the same effect as bay leaf. It does not kill the roach, but it does drive it away. You should also spray this product in different areas of the house.

The remedies listed above may be useful if you have a minor cockroach problem, but not if your problem is more significant. Also, some of the mentioned remedies do not kill the cockroach, so it can reproduce and increase your pain at home.

Cockroaches control specialist Brisbane can help you eliminate cockroaches at home quickly, efficiently, and economically. When the exterminator finishes them, you can rest assured that there are no hidden ones. Professional cockroach control company Brisbane has the experience and horsemanship necessary to end this problem at its roots.

If you notice any sign of the presence of cockroaches, do not hesitate to search on the internet – β€œcockroaches exterminator near me” and call the professionals. These offer services adapted to any pocket. Also, home remedies may not be effective in the long term.